What Happens When A Football Player Lands on a $15,000 Canon Lens?

Players clashing with photographers in the sideline is nothing new. However, there are some really amazing angles available in modern sports.

At the wrong place at the wrong time, an athlete landed right on his $15,000 Canon lens, effectively snapping the device in half, and rendering it totally useless.

Oof, and that guy doesn’t look like Terry Richardson, so he probably doesn’t have a spare ten grand to buy a new one. Hope his cameras were insured.


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  • I would cry if I spent that much on a professional grade Canon, only to have it smashed so unceremoniously.One of them captured a horrific thing happening to this photographer’s equipment. That really begs the quesion: what are the best essay writing services and I know they will answer for themselves too.

    1 Ashley Holland said this (November 19, 2016 at 12:02 am) Reply

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