Watch Out E-Cig Industry, O2Pur is making Nicotine Salts in Salt Lake City.

Due to the persistent and ongoing consolidation in the tobacco industry, and the close ties and relationships between all the global cigarette giants, you can buy stock in one or two companies and get exposure to the entire industry, espectially the combustible cigarette alternatives.

For example , British American Tobacco is preparing to buy Reynolds-American. A big reason is the latter’s market share in E-cigarettes. Philip Morris International still has close ties with its former parent company Altria, and they continue to market e-cig products globally together under the Marlboro brand.

Despite all this company consolidation and cooperation, there is one company poised to take a significant share from all of these large conglomerates due to their low prices and wide array of products. That company is a Utah based company called O2Pur.

American Made Quality:

Established in 2013, O2Pur is a Salt Lake City based company that manufactures many e-cigarette products such as pens, bottles and all accessories domestically in the USA. As opposed to traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco to drive the taste to the smoker, or most other e-cigs which burn a nicotine based fluid, O2Pur burns a special liquid infused with nicotine salts. Nicotine Salts have been known to taste better, act faster, and burn cleaner than traditional nicotine liquids. In addition to the Nicotine Salts, there is also a traditional 70/30 gourmet nicotine liquid blend, all at competitive industry prices.

Since you cannot burn liquid or e-cigs without a pen, the company not only sells pens, but it also sells accessories so that you can use your existing pen for the nicotine salts. All products can be purchased directly from the website, Whoever visits the website will of course have access to all of the deals and specials on their products. In addition to industry leading prices, there are also plenty of free offers and packages for purchase on the website for the consumer to choose from.

By offering low prices, website specials, and long lasting and fast acting nicotine salts, O2Pur is poised to become a new leader in the e-cigarette market.

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