USHEALTH Group Continues to Grow After Many Decades

For the past five decades, USHEALTH Group has been providing the insurance needs to customers across North America. There is a very good reason that relationship has lasted as long as it has. The commitment of excellence to service continues with innovative products and award winning service.USHEALTH Group has set the standard in the last 50 years within the insurance industry. With Products, such as MedGuard, is an innovative life insurance product that specializes in critical illness. Designed to fill the gap between health insurance and traditional life insurance, USHEALTH Group protected the essentials with their product, for assuring members they have increased security in times of uncertainty, for their families.USHEALTH Group also designed Accident Protector, which is a plan that provides extra coverage to assist members to cover out of pocket expenses that are not covered under traditional plans. USHEALTH Group takes enormous pride in their innovation of products that cater to the well-being and peace of mind, for their members.

Both of these products exemplify why USHEALTH Group is able to sustain itself in such a challenging industry. Health care continues to be the principal conversation for many Americans and USHEALTH Group sees that as an opportunity.Rather than shy away from a perplexing industry, USHEALTH Group has taken major steps to position the company on the cutting-edge of providing the insurance needs to so many millions of Americans.With an expansion of innovative products, such as those mentioned, they’ve positioned the company to surpass their own expectations each year.In 2016, USHEALTH Group won the prestigious One Planet Award for recognition of the company experiencing unprecedented success, growth, and its exclusive line of insurance products. This honor was bestowed upon USHEALTH Group for their business achievements and professional excellence. It is one of the highest decorated awards in the industry and highly coveted.Find them on Facebook:

President and CEO, Troy McQuagge stated the award is a testimony for USHEALTH Group’s commitment to solving the health care needs for members, and providing them with innovative products that will grow as their health care needs and families grow.The mission of USHEALTH Group is to consistently maintain innovative products, while providing superior customer service at every level. Their continued commitment to quality distinguishes them from others within the industry and creates long-term relationships with their customers. USHEALTH Group consistently delivers on its promise of affordability and dependability.USHEALTH Group remains the most trusted insurance for the past five decades, and they will remain at that status for many more years to come. Serving more than 15 million customers world-wide has a lot of advantages for further growth opportunities, and the company has proven they know how to grow with the times.

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