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In this internet age, we are all connected with each other. It is easier than ever for someone in New York City to make friends with someone in New Delhi or Perth. Such connections can be a great way to learn about new cultures and explore the word without even leaving the living room. For those who want to leave the couch and travel the world, connections with others in far away places can be even more vital. Meeting up with someone who knows exactly how to navigate local area transit or where to go for the ideal local pastry can help turn an ordinary trip into something far more exciting and wonderful. The chance to have a face to face meeting with someone known only from internet connection can help people learn and grow.

This will often take the form of phone that allows them internet access even when far from an internet connection. Portable wifi has helped transform human interactions. Users now have access to wealth of information no matter where they are at any given moment.

Savvy companies have helped tap into this market in order to provide people with the kinds of services they need in their daily lives. One such company is Skout. ( Skout is an app that allows people to make new friends in the city of their choice. Users can pick from hundreds of cities across the United States and even around the globe. In doing so, they can make new friends and get valuable insights into local area conditions. Many users have used the app to locate people precisely and meet up with them directly while they are traveling to a new place.

The result of using apps like Skout  is that locals get to share what they like best about their city with visitors and make friends in exotic places. Visitors find they can use the app to connect with people in a new city and learn from them. Both groups of people greatly profit from such connections. Someone who has never visited Boston before can meet up with someone who knows the city well and loves showing it off to newcomers. The result is a truly enjoyable meeting for all those who are involved. Find more about Skout on 

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