Unique Financing Options with Equities First

During the recent national recession and credit crisis, it has become harder than ever to acquire a personal loan in the United States. Even individuals who were previously able to meet credit and income requirements, finding a loan with a reasonably affordable interest rate was practically hard. This was the case across the board even for high-net-worth persons. Equities First come in handy where people can source loans form.

The enterprise is a specialty finance firm, which specializes in offering unique financing plans to clients. The entity regularly provides their consumers with stock-secured loans, which can then be utilized for any purpose as the borrower pleases.With a stock-secured loan, the subject borrower pledges a stock portfolio as collateral to Equities First. If the borrower, unfortunately, ends up lagging behind on their loan payments, the enterprise with then liquidates the client’s stock portfolio to either pay off the loan completely or make a loan payment. In many scenarios, Equities First is able to provide these loans at very low-interest rates and fees. While it evidently seems counter intuitive paying interest on a loan, which could be paid off through stocks sale, taking a stock secured loan could come with a number of various benefits. One of the primary benefits is that these loans allow borrowers to liquidate their stocks without having to sell them practically.

Over an extended period of time, typically stocks tend to rise in value at rates way higher than the loan’s interest rate. Additionally, many stocks generally pay out additional dividends, which a borrower can use as a source of income. As such, it makes more sense to wait and sell the stocks, and take out a loan, rather than paying off the balance over time. Equities First Holdings leverages the expertise of a vast number of trained, qualified and skilled employees who help their clients select the right plans for their loans. In addition, Equities First ensures it maintains its inherent ability of financing and lending to any individual for a good cause.


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