Todd Lubar Demonstrates with the Right Attitude: Latitude is Determined

Todd Lubar began his real property journey in 1995. It was reasonably logical, to the young entrepreneur, that due to his fascination with each component of the business, that he had made the correct choice. He initially began his career progression as a loan originator. He started the process by joining up with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While at the mortgage company he was able to attain valuable knowledge with regard to the field of mortgage banking. The experience served as highly valuable to the positive, goal-oriented, Lubar. Todd spent a great deal of his time in the development of establishing a rapport with the community’s R.E. representatives. He, too, made associations and partnerships with certified public accountants, financial planning professionals and insurance representatives. In doing so, Todd acquired a terrific referral system, necessary to his business success quotient.


The progressive Lubar went another step further, in 1999. He acquired equity in the Legacy Financial Group. When he acquired equity in Legacy, he was able to, summarily, optimize his lending capabilities. Todd, in other words, was able to provide loan brokerage services to a greater share of investors.


Todd, in 2002 decided to elevate the bar, with regard to his real estate service: he established, Legendary Properties, LLC. The preceding company is a residential development organization. Todd became a housing rehabber,and was able to sell and profit, with respect to approximately two-hundred projects. He rehabbed single family homes as well as 20 unit multi-family properties. While in the process of rehabbing, Lubar developed rapports and acquaintanceships with building tradesmen. Todd knew that these relationships were necessary in order to quickly turn over the properties which he purchased. He, too, made it a point to establish partnerships with banking institutions and, in doing so, established a weighty line of credit.


Todd, in 2003, opened up Charter Funding which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. The preceding corporation is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the nation. His partnership with First Magnus Financial Corporation allowed Todd to further expand his business.


Todd Lubar, at this time, had been involved in the real estate industry for over twelve-years. Reviewing the prior period, Todd noticed that a certain portion of the population was going unaddressed. In order to meet the needs of this niche market, he established the business entity of Legendary Financial, LLC. Legendary Financial LLC is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. The purpose of Legendary Financial, LLC was to serve the needs of the commercial community; and private individuals. Todd made use of the liquidity in Legendary Properties, LLC; along with his personal funds, in order to provide services to his borrowers. The preceding borrowers were being passed over by the provincial lending institutions. Todd was able to provide services, successfully, to this vast niche. In doing so, Todd properly analyzed overall risk, as it pertained to each loan he involved himself. He made his lending decision, partly on how the economic market was responding to borrowers and bankers, alike.


Many persons will recall that the mortgage industry went through a major overhaul during the period of 2007 and 2008. Todd, in response, involved himself in several business enterprises including: commercial demolition services, and recycling, during this time-period.


Currently, Tood Lubar takes up residence in the Bethesda, Maryland area. He enjoys spending his leisure time with his children. One part of the country, though, that Todd mentions he adores is the sunny state of California. Naturally, the curious and active businessman and Bethesda, Maryland resident enjoys travel.


Todd believes in constantly striving for excellence with respect to every endeavor, which an individual wishes to pursue. Todd, mentions, too, that he hopes with each meeting, of a new person, he has made that person’s day just a little brighter. The preceding behavior, it is believed, is what has skyrocketed the optimistic Bethesda businessman to that of the highest level of business success.

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