The Wen By Chaz Hair Experiment

Wen By Chaz Dean is a well known hair care trend by now. We all remember when it swept the nation earlier this past year. It is a conditioner that washes out the oil while moisturizing hair to keep it shiny and healthy. And like most beauty fads or trends, there is a question of whether or not to try it. Emily McClure tried Wen By Chaz for seven days as she wrote about it at

On the first day she inspected her Fig Wen hair solution and noticed that the bottle said to apply 10-24 pumps. It seemed a bit ridiculous to her at first but she wanted the full effect. Emily massaged the big glob of conditioner into her hair and made sure to exfoliate her scalp and drag the solution out to the ends of her hair. After washing and drying she noticed an immediate positive change. Since she showered at night it was a bit oily for her taste the next morning, but she washed it again and got beautiful results. The third day she had started to pick up a routine and she repeated as usual. On day four Emily woke up late for work and didn’t notice that her hair was an oil slick until she got there. After her shift she immediately showered and blew it dry and it looked great again.
She now knew that to prevent the oil and protect the shine that she would need to shower in the mornings. On the fifth day she washed it in the morning and styled it. Her curls were soft even after styling with heat. Wen was really starting to work magic. By the sixth and seventh days it was a soft breeze, and her friends even noticed the change too. Her conclusion was that it works great for fine hair if you wash and style in the morning. Check out the Wen hair products on QVC.


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