The Evolution Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, there are a ton of brands to choose from. Maybelline, Almay, Covergirl and many more. This industry is very popular with individuals from around the globe. This industry is literally cluttered with competing brands. This can leave consumers very frustrated because there are too many options. One of the best options would be Lime Crime, and it has revolutionized the industry with its bright and vivid colors. This brand has been around since 2008, and it has steadily gained ground on the other major brands.

Doe Deere, the company’s founder, has built this eclectic brand from her very own personal since of style. These cosmetics are full of life thanks to their attributes. Its Blue Unicorn Lipsticks transformed the game as it became a must-have product. The company’s Velvetine lipsticks outperform any other lipstick on the market today. These innovative products come in a number of wonderful colors such as wicked, utopia, squash, bleached, jinx, true love, red velvet, black velvet, fetish, cashmere and many more. No other brand can offer this many distinct hues. This brand offers many different products like eye shadow, makeup, foundation, lip gloss, lip topper and press on nails.

Lime Crime has stepped its game up once again, and it is offering a brand new product with an old school flare. Pocket Candy Palettes are the newest addition to the family, and these square shaped palettes will open up and display some of the best colored eye shadow. Each square shaped palette will come in one of three different colors. This includes blue, pink and yellow shades. On the inside of the compartment, there will be five full-sized shadows. This gives the user more than enough colorful hues to play around with. This brand is consistently reinventing itself, and it has become its own revolution. Lime Crime is the premier cosmetic line of the present and the future.

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