The Creative Dog Food That Purina Provides

Purina may be one of the best dog food brands for any pet owner that has dogs that are different sizes. Purina has become the brand to trust because there is a lot of documentation about the effectiveness of this dog food for pets. That is actually the way that I have discovered this when I was in search of something better for my dog. I have never really been wanting to do a lot of research on dog food. As with most dog owners I will simply watch commercials and make decisions on the dog food based on marketing and advertising strategies. It was only when I decided to do the research on my own that I discovered that there were a lot of differences between the dog food brands that on the market today. With that said, there simply some are foods on the market that are just better than others. I believe that Purina Beneful is one of those brands.

Overtime I discovered that there were variety of different choices for meals within the Purina franchise. I thought this was great because many dog owners do not have dogs that are the same size or same weight. I personally have a Dalmatian and a couple pit bulls. I work in a pet store and the customers are always asking about the best recommendations for their pets. I believe there are times when you simply have to be honest with customers and tell them what you really feel. As something that works in a pet store I cannot pick one over the other, but I can certainly tell them off the record what I am feeding my dogs. This is where we get into a conversation about Purina and I tell them about all of the nutrients that this dog food provides. I also direct them to the Beneful website where they can read the information for themselves and make an informed decision based on the documentation that was provided.

In the world of pet food there is a lot of marketing and branding done for the companies that are trying to retain customers. There is a reason for this. When it comes to dog food it is not a one-time purchase. Companies try their best to market and advertise the brand well because they want to develop loyal customers. Purina has been able to do this stand out as branded company with loyal customers because it has really taken the time to develop this food. There is a lot of praise and there is a lot of buzz about all the new flavors that this company is constantly adding to the number of meal choices that are available.
I believe this brand will continue to thrive many years down the line because it is innovative. It has a brand that continues to make dogs happy and this is going to help the company retain their consumer base. I think the creators of the dog food meals are quite creative.

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