The Award-Winning Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson majored in political science at Washington University and law at American University. During these years he also studied journalism and business. He graduated from both with honors. After graduating, he worked as a journalist for a few years. He first worked at the Star, then also got a job working as a journalist for an energy company newsletter.In 1977, he and fellow journalist Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communications Group in a storage room above Levenson’s dad’s liquor store. It was not long before their young company got really big.

They even began getting prestigious awards for journalistic accuracy. This, of course, demanded that they get a much bigger space. In that same year he also founded Oil Price Information Service. And this was just the beginning; Levenson’s wealth has grown and with it his areas of expertise and influence. One of his most influential and lucrative is with Gasbuddy. However, United Communications Group remains his biggest and brightest company. It is today one of the largest companies in the country, with a gigantic staff of 700 companies. And it keeps on getting bigger, having already acquired and absorbed over 50 companies.

It has been a company always on the front of multiple fronts. It is currently headquartered in Washington, D.C., but has offices in seven states. It was even one of the first companies in the U.S. to post online information services. From 1994 to 1999, Levenson got a small taste of sports ownership as a minority investor in the Washington Capitals and the Washington Wizards. Then he went for the big time. In 2003, Levenson and his investment partners signed a deal with Turner Broadcasting System to buy the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers.

In 2004, he officially became the majority owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks and the NHL Atlanta Thrashers franchises. The deal also earned them the operating right of Philips Arena. The owners sold the Thrashers soon afterward. Levenson actively led the Hawks until selling his majority ownership earlier this year. In addition to these professional activities, Levenson has had a strong hand associations and charities. He has served on the boards of Newsletter Association of America, I Have a Dream Foundation, and The SEED School.

Levenson also partnered with Todd Foreman, who manages the company-run charity that gives money to deserving charities throughout the community. One of Levenson’s favorite charities is the “I Have a Dream” program. In fact, UCG became the first the first American company to sponsor this worthy cause. For the under-privileged inner city children in this program, UCG will even pay their college tuition and expenses. Levenson and his wife currently reside in Maryland and enjoy spending time with their many grandkids.

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