The Art of Collecting – Adam Sender

The world of art collecting: hard to break into and even harder to succeed in, but every now and again a few people manage to do the extraordinary. Take Adam Sender for example. Previously a hedge fund employee, he began to collect contemporary works of art from new and “on the way up” artists.

It could, in part, be from his extensive time collecting (around 20 years or so) or it could even be from sheer intuition. Whatever the case, Sender has aggregated an estimated 1,000 pieces, 70 of which are to be displayed an exhibition the likes he and his wife have always dreamed of. Sender’s exhibition is part of an annual art fair in Miami. Affectionately called “Home Alone” the exhibition is set in their recently departed home, which the Sender’s are planning on selling, and includes pieces from their early collecting days. The exhibition opened with other Miami collector’s events, though, Sender’s personal exhibition includes pieces never before presented to the public, a fair number of works that are provocative, and even a few controversial pieces.

This exhibition comes around the same time that, due to financial troubles, Sender is having to sell off a portion of his massive collection off to other collectors; namely, the Sotheby’s. The Sotheby’s are buying around 400 pieces of art from Sender and is reported to be paying out $70 million dollars. It has been thought that this large move was due to a recent law suit. However, this financial transaction will do little to dent the size of Sender’s collection and it is likely that Sender will continue to scout for talents mostly unknown.

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