The areas where Equities First Holdings Specialize


Since 2002, Equities First Holdings has offered several financial solutions to different companies, and a large group of individuals. The experience which the company has with finances placed in position where it can decide the areas that they can specialize. Here are some of the activities that the company carries out

Providing financial solutions to clients

Consistent clients are always trusted. The company appreciates the input and support which they get from different clients. In appreciation support clients who have needs, both long and short terms are helped to reach them. The process of application is very simple. If there is a client without collateral is in need, they would use your shares as insurance and grant you and equivalent amount of loan.

Providing alternative sources of capital

The current banks have made it almost impossible for investors to get capital. The most affected groups are the new investors who want extra cash to boost their businesses. Equities First Holdings provides an opportunity to the new and growing businesses to get sources of capital. Certain requirements would make the relationship easy like being a member of the group and owning shares with them. If you do not have shares, the company has other alternatives that would ensure good working relationship.

Reduced interest rates

Comparatively, the company offers lower interest rates than the other financial institutions. You do not get asked what you are going to do with the money. Once you qualify, you get your loans at affordable interest rates. You can pay your debts, go for vacations or even expand your business without restrictions. The payment plan depends on the selection of the clients. You can take up loans as individuals or businesses. Currently, the company has expanded its customer base to Australia and China.

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