The Antique Wine Company continues to amaze on a global scale

This is not just any little old wine company, this is a wine merchant with quality on the mind. Due to a top-notch executive team and lofty goals, there are plenty of good reasons as to why The Antique Wine Company is still at the top of its game.

The Antique Wine Company was started by current CEO, Stephen Williams, more than 25 years ago. His dream was to sell a product that customers would enjoy purchasing time and again, and when life insurance turned out to be a dead end, the entrepreneur turned to wine.

Mr. Williams has always done whatever it takes to expand his empire, and as of this year, the company has amassed over 20,000 clients in well over 70 countries. In addition to selling wine, the company also prides itself in offering cellar planning, private wine master classes, and the sourcing of rare wines.

The employees of the Antique Wine Company are considered to be experts in the wine industry. They have made it a habit to purchase and market some of the most sought after bottles of wine. In 2006, the company purchased and transacted a 1787 Château d’Yquem, a bottle considered to be the world’s most valuable.

As the CEO, Stephen Williams has turned what was once a small organization into a brand name company known for their service excellence. Williams, who is self-taught, is now considered one of the renowned experts in rare and fine wines. As a matter of fact, the CEO is often quoted by international entities, and his opinions have been accepted on a global scale.

In 2014, it was announced that executive Stuart Young would be the new Sales Director of the international team. Young brings a wealth of knowledge in many different areas, from technology to customer service, but what he really brings to the table is some great ideas for up-selling and other sales specific initiatives. He also has lofty goals, including plans to double the sales team, while also improving the companies’ training processes.

The company has also gained the support of new executive, Jean-Philippe Guillot, who will be heading up the Asia market as their representative sales director. Mr. Guillot also brings a vast amount of experience, including familiarity with the Asian fine wine market. These two additions to the team are sure to keep The Unique Wine Company on top of its game.

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