Sugar The Shih Tzu Is A Very Happy Dog Thanks To Beneful

I have a Shih Tzu named Sugar. As many people know Shih Tzu’s are a very spunky, gentle, playful, and alert dog breed. Shih Tzu’s are also one of the smaller dog breeds out there. Sugar is, in fact, a spunky, gentle, playful, alert, and small dog just like other Shih Tzu’s out there. Sugar was not named Sugar because of the color of her fur but instead named Sugar because she is tiny like a grain of sugar is. Sugar was definitely the runt of her litter which means she was the smallest one out of all the puppy’s. We choose Sugar because the fact that she was smaller than the rest of her litter made her unique. Sugar eats Beneful dog food by Purinastore on a daily basis to keep her spunky, playful, and alert. I buy Sugar 3 different types of Beneful dog food and one type of dog treat that Beneful makes. The 3 different types of Beneful dog food that I give Sugar are Beneful incredibites dry dog food in the beef flavor, Beneful chopped blends wet dog food in the turkey flavor, and Beneful incredibites wet dog food in the salmon flavor. Beneful incredibites comes in both dry and wet dog food and the reason I give Sugar both types is because she likes the salmon flavor and it is currently only offered in a wet dog food [] version. Beneful incredibites extremely easy for Sugar to chew because they are bite size pieces of dog food made for little dogs instead of big pieces of dog food. Beneful chopped blends in the turkey flavor has not only turkey in it but also has brown rice, sweet potatoes, and spinach in it which makes it like a Thanksgiving feast all in one container for Sugar. Sugar especially likes the Beneful chopped blends in the turkey flavor dog food because she loves sweet potatoes. The one kind of dog treat that I buy for Sugar is the Beneful dental ridges in the mini size because they help to not only keep her teeth clean but also make her breath smell better and she has stinky breath when I don’t give them to her. Beneful is available online, visit their Amazon page.



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