Standing Up For Human Rights Anywhere and Everywhere

When Oppression Hits Home

For Thor Halvorssen autocratic regimes aren’t some remote frustration happening in a country he’ll never visit. His homeland of Venezuela has a history of dictatorships and the toll has personally affected him. His Swedish father has seen prison time for standing up to South American dictators and his Venezuelan mother is a living victim of a regime supporter shooting.

Even among his extended family tragic fates are common such as the current incarceration of his cousin by the current Venezuelan regime. With these tragedies burned into his memories Halvorssen’s fight for human rights across the world is one he takes very personally.

Taking Every Risk Imaginable

When Thor Halvorssen decided he wanted to take up the fight against oppressive regimes he chose to tackle one of the world’s most challenging problems. Normally trying to solve a serious global crisis like poverty or disease epidemics is welcomed by just about any government, but human rights activists must face off against a virulent enemy.

Human rights violators generally don’t welcome muckrakers or negative attention to their public service. Halvorssen has routinely put his life on the line as he travels the world helping people stand up for themselves. When he decided to interview the head of the United Buddhist Church of Vietnam he was arrested by the Vietnamese government and thrown in prison. It wasn’t until he convinced the authorities that he had intentions of converting to Buddhism that he was released.

The Human Rights Foundation

Halvorssen has achieved most of his success in fighting for freedom through the Human Rights Foundation. Established in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen the foundation helps to bring about change by exposing abuse and giving the oppressed a voice.

Under his authority the foundation fights for human rights anywhere and everywhere. If there are journalists held captive in a political prison in Eastern Europe or human trafficking victims forced to toil away in a mine in Africa he is there for every victim.

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