Soros Seeks Latino Voters


Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has partnered with donors to various liberal causes to fund a campaign geared toward immigrant communities, particularly Latinos and Hispanics, to vote in this primary season and during the general election this fall. This $15 million dollar initiative is looking to capitalize on the particularly abrasive rhetoric of Donald J. Trump in the Republican side and gain votes for Democrat candidates across the country.

Latino voting blocks are seen as a crucial demo for politicians reach on to in order to raise voter turnout, and compete with the record-breaking number of Republicans voting in this primary season. For this the campaign is looking to invest in Nevada, Colorado and Florida primarily, states with a large Latino presence.

This super PAC, Immigrant Voters Win PAC, is going to be more direct in its appeal than other initiatives have been in the past, strategists for the PAC had stated. This is both to motivate the targeted group, but to also hopefully swing other voters on the issue of immigration. This initiative hopes to pull in at least an additional 400,000 voters for November. But will it be that simple to accomplish.

The Obama administration has engendered mixed feelings among immigrants in America, after a failure to deliver on a promise to introduce immigration reform and the deportation of more than two million undocumented immigrants. Making the efforts of this PAC that much harder is a conservative group, Libre Initiative, funded to the tune of $10 million, to motivate Latino voters through conservative politics in more than nine states.

Either PAC is responding to a shift in American demographics that points to Hispanic voters as the holders of millions of votes to counteract, or bolster, the effect of working-class white voters who are seemingly flocking towards Trump over his promises to build a wall along the Mexican border and the forced deportation of immigrants.

George Soros factors into Immigrant Voters Win PAC with a contribution of five million dollars according to NY Times, which is rather common for a contributor to many political races in the past. His most significant contribution was likely during the 2004 presidential race, when $200 million was spent in an attempt to keep then President George W. Bush from getting his second term in office. And though that attempt had failed, Soros is still committed to support his positions in politics with monetary contributions, including an addition $5 million this cycle to target voters in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

On his decision to become involved this year, however, Soros seems particularly invested, beyond his monetary contributions. In emails, Soros has pointed out that he was particularly bothered by the rhetoric from Republican candidates, including the blocking of refugees from entering the country.

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