Sneakers Are On The Forefront Of Shoe Trends


Now is the time to buy sneakers. For the past few days, the biggest style news has been about sneakers, or kicks, if you will. First, everybody is talking about a Snapchat star, Daniel Lara, a.k.a., “Damn Danial” a high school kid who has a friend that seems incredibly impressed with his fashion sense, especially when he is wearing white Vans, a frequent choice. For a minute, everybody was convinced that a pair of white Vans on Ebay that are being sold for $300,000, were once owned by Lara. That has since been proven to be a hoax, but when all of that attention gets you a lifetime supply of Vans from Ellen DeGeneres, you roll with the punches.

Then today’s big fashion news is Rihanna’s Fenty x sneakers that are a result of her collaboration with Puma. Her “Trainers” are a take on the traditional trainer, with exaggerated proportions. The sneakers have an extra long tongue and pull tabs for ease.

The “Damn Daniel” phenomenon and the phenomenon that is Rihanna has brought a classic to the forefront. Lara’s $50 Vans and Rihanna’s $180 trainers are reasonably priced but less less expensive sneakers can still be had on JustFab, and I thought they were cuter than the Fenty x Trainers, especially the Moxy’s. The Melly looks very similar to the white Vans and both are only $39.95. Like JustFab on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

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