Securus Technologies Investing in the Future of Corrections Space

The company that dominates the corrections space today is Securus Technologies. The inventory of products and services offered by Securus Technologies is enormous and continues to expand with the passing time. It is primarily because the company focuses heavily on developing new technologies and services that would help the correctional sphere. There are many security issues that the corrections space is facing in the recent times, especially the increasing use of the contraband phones. The company has been trying different ways to contain the problem that contraband phones causes and has finally been able to roll out the wireless containment system after months of research and millions in investment.



The correctional sector is facing many different types of security issues in the recent times, and one of the biggest threats to the security in this field is the easy availability of contraband phones to the inmates. Even after implementing various ways to ensure that the inmates don’t get their hands on the contraband phones, they somehow manage to get it one way or the other. Using the contraband phones is prohibited in the prisons and rightly so, as it can put the lives of other inmates as well as the officer in danger. Moreover, the peaceful environment of the prison can be placed in jeopardy if there is no control on the usage of contraband phones.



Securus Technologies, as a leading correctional firm, has been trying to develop a technology to put an end to the problem of contraband phones for many years. Recently, the company rolled out the much-awaited tech by the name of the wireless containment system. It is a technology that would not let the prisoners use the contraband phones. Moreover, anyone using contraband phones would be detected, and the prisoner who is trying to use it may also get caught. Securus Technologies has partnered with other network carriers to ensure that the prison environment is safe and secure and that the prisoners can’t use the contraband phones under any circumstances.



Currently, the wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies is not rolled out to many prison facilities, but the talks are going on for its wide-scale installation across the country. The FCC has also announced that it would cooperate with the installation of the wireless containment solution to as many prisons as possible at the earliest. It is because the technology has proved itself to be extremely useful and productive. Securus Technologies managed to develop advanced wireless containment system with the help and support of correctional experts and ex-correctional officers, such as Robert Johnson, who is the victim of the illegal use of contraband phone himself. He was shot in his home six times by a criminal who was ordered to do so from inside the prison using a contraband phone.



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