Securus Technologies and Strong Facility Security Options

Robert Johnson is a man who has exchanged his tale for a total of seven years at this point. If another individual is willing to lend an ear, Johnson is more than happy to share his experience. His tale pushes his objective forward. His objective is simple, too. It’s to stop incarcerated individuals in prisons from being able to use cell phones of any kind. Johnson stated that prison inmates began this whole situation. He also stated that it’s up to him to end everything. He believes firmly that giving inmates cell phone use is a serious hazard to the general public.


Johnson hails from Delray Beach in Florida. He was a Lee Correctional Institution employee back in 2010. This prison is located in South Carolina. Johnson had been a corrections industry veteran for approximately 15 years at that time. His main responsibility at the center revolved around contraband confiscation. Johnson was immensely capable in his profession. That actually ended up being his downfall, however, surprisingly enough.


He had gotten his hands on a sizable parcel. He intercepted it. A gang at the prison estimated it to be worth approximately $50,000. Johnson rose at approximately 5:30 in the morning in early March of 2010. He heard an alarming thudding sound at that time. Someone bashed his front door as well. He knew without delay that there was a good chance that some kind of hit was going on.


He asked the invader to move into the hallway in his home. He didn’t want the trespasser to make his way into his bedroom. His unsuspecting wife was fast asleep there, after all. There was a brief scuffle. After that, the bigger man forced him back. He shot Johnson numerous times in locations on both his chest and stomach. Johnson didn’t think that he was actually going to survive this ordeal. He managed to do so, though. He later learned that inmate cellphone communication was the reason this crime was able to happen in the first place. That’s the reason he’s so eager to make it so that no inmate will ever be able to use a mobile device again.


Securus Technologies was disenchanted to find out about a Facebook Live video clip that an incarcerated individual managed to film. This clip spread like wildfire on the Internet. The inmate employed a contraband mobile device for filming purposes. The clip lasted for three and a half minutes. It took place inside of Evans Correctional Institution. It displayed an inmate who had a knife in his possession. This troubling clip is the reason Securus Technologies created WCS or “Wireless Containment Solutions.” This system strives to stop situations like this from popping up in prisons.


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