Sahm Adrangi Has Important Insight To Share On Kodak’s Recent Movements

Sahm Adrangi is one of the leading advisors on the market when it comes to choosing the right business to invest in. Although it might seem like an easy thing to do, simply finding a company that seems to be on the rise or doing well, but this had led to many investors losing a fortune if not all of their money in a short period of time. Despite what appears to be happening on the outside, what’s happening internally is also important. One of the latest company’s Sahm Adrangi has vowed against and acts as a perfect example is Kodak.

Many investors are aware of the recent increase of Kodak’s shares, but they are unaware of why the increase happened and what it actually means. In the matter of a single night, Kodak’s company shares nearly doubled in value, increasing their stock value hundreds of millions of dollars. However, according to Sahm Adrangi, this is due to their very recent partnership with a cryptocurrency group. Despite the apparent opportunity, this is actually a feeble attempt to exploit people for more profits, due to the bad state the company has been in for a while now. Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm’s investment firm, released a detailed report on Kodak and what their latest exploits actually mean for investors out there. Sahm even went as far as saying it was a cheap scheme aimed at robbing people.

For many years now, Kodak has been falling behind in their respective industry, and this is because they have failed to update their methods and even their products. Over time this has caused them to fall behind despite their huge influence in the past as a leading digital and photography business. Just 6 years ago Kodak filed a chapter 11, and things aren’t looking any different this time around. Despite their latest business effort getting involved with cryptocurrency, they are still behind the curve in their market since they haven’t bothered to update their products, which will ultimately lead to the failure once again says Sahm Adrangi.

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