Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Advice On Through Newsletters

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur who seeks business advice from business magazines, then you must have come across the name Paul Mampilly severally.

The founder of Profits unlimited is known for his tireless efforts in educating and helping American citizens on ways to grow themselves through investments, technology, and other opportunities. Working as an insider with Wall Street where he had direct access to the money for more than two decades, gave Paul Mampilly the knowledge and skills that he boasts today.

Paul retired in his early 40s so that he could focus on matters writing and also create time for his family. He has over 90,000 subscribers and is the senior editor and manager of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. For his age, Paul is quite an achiever and is every young person’s role model.

In late 2009 to 2010, Paul worked as a hedge fund manager at Kinetics International. Here, he managed to get returns of up to 67%, which adds to his list of success. If you think that’s the end, you are in for a rude shock. Some of his remarkable clients include ING Deutsche bank. In 2009, Paul astounded the world with his impressive skills once again by making up to 76% gains on a fifty million investment without any shorts. That means he managed to increase a 50 million investment by 38million without causing any shortage. The achievement saw him win the Templeton Foundation.

Paul gives back to the society through his newsletters, which are usually published by Banyan Hill. Paul Mampilly does this by writing a weekly column known as Winning Investor daily, which aims at helping Americans to find stocks that will increase. Paul recommends a new stock on every new month by sending emails to his subscribers. He then does weekly updates on how the recommended stocks are doing. Therefore, the subscribers get to benefit by having knowledge of the market and also knowing where to invest their money without the fear of losses. Also thanks to his association with Banyan Hill publishing, the company has managed to grow its subscribers by ninety percent. Paul Mampilly is a good example of people who are revolutionizing the investment industries and helping Americans invest wisely.


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