NuoDB – A Solution For The Applications of Today

With many companies today looking for alternatives for storing information, NuoDB is able to come in and meet up with the high demand while using just a single, logical database that spans across computers that are either within or across a number of data centers.

NuoDB got started back in 2010 by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. They knew that they wanted to build a database that brings together SQL power to excel far beyond the regular monolithic databases that had been designed so many years ago. Today, this same vision has now redefined what we know as relational database technology, and NuoDB can measure up to numerous challenges all at once for cloud computing while being able to stay up with all of the growing global application deployments.

Since NuoDB was initially founded, it was able to claim its very first patent in just 15 months through the US Patent & Trademark Office with a finding of ‘no prior art.” Since that time there are now five other patents that are in the pending phase.

This is a concept that was created by an innovator and then funded by market leaders, and now NuoDB is led by veterans in the industry while being built by some of the sharpest minds in the field today.

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