Museums Are Banning Selfie Sticks

Some museums are tired of people taking photos with selfie sticks, so much so that they’ve decided to ban them.

Major museums including The Smithsonian, the Getty Center in LA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago New York’s MOMA, and Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art have all said no to the sticks being used within their walls. The reason: the sticks might damage artwork.Museums put that artwork out of reach for a reason. Just like putting a hand over a barrier, a selfie stick could potentially damage a piece of art that the museum was trying to protect by sectioning it off.

Most of the museums in question already have an existing tripod ban, so banning the selfie sick isn’t that much of a stretch says AnastasiaDate. A selfie stick is after all just another tripod for your phone.

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  • As it turns out, many museum-goers have pulled out their trusty selfie stick to snap shots of artwork within the museum that they otherwise might not have been able to reach. It is the only reason why has not subscribed much for this than any of the individual in the past years and that got me cracking up here so much.

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