Morph Into a Unicorn with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dyes!  

Do you want your hair to look like a majestic, sparkling, unicorn mane? Lime Crime is launching a new line of semi-permanent hair dyes just for you. Those of us enamored of the mythical beasts will love the thirteen unique, dreamy shades. Each one is years in the making, 100% vegan and contains no ammonia or bleach. Launched on April 3, 2017, trend-setting fashionistas are flocking to buy the affordable and hair-friendly colors and tins for their own tresses.


With names like bunny (baby pink), pony (bright purple), and neon peach (exactly what it sounds like), it’s no wonder these shades are a must-have for Spring and Summer 2017. The semi-permanent fantasy colors pop and give new meaning to the term “eye candy”. These shades come in affordable $16.00 containers and are water- and vegetable glycerin-based. Each of the vibrant colors, like “Dirty Mermaid”, a delicious shade of sea-foam/teal blue, are a conditioning hair dye and require no lifting, bleaching, or developer. Colors are formulated to wash out gradually over time, depending on the condition of your hair and the care you show it. Gentle, color-safe shampoos and conditioners are recommended for best results.


Lime Crime offers both tint and full coverage options depending on the style you want, and the current color of your hair. Full coverage (such as that offered by the shades Gargoyle, Pony, Neon Peach, Chocolate Cherry, Leeloo, and others) delivers more saturated color and is perfect for lightly bleached and platinum blonds. The tints (Sext, Bunny, and Salad) are less pigmented and more sheer in nature, offering a more pastel shade for blonds, and a sheer tinting on darker, unbleached hair.


The creator of Unicorn Hair suggests and encourages mixing and matching colors to create new shades and amazing patterns. With fantasy hair colors coming into mainstream fashion, you can find your own signature color among the sixteen offerings found on the Lime Crime website. Many fashion-makers have even created cascades of color and pattern by using an array of shades on different parts of their tresses. If you’re looking for traffic-stopping, head-turning colors, there is a magical, unicorn-inspired rainbow just around the corner.

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