Marc Sparks is a Shining Example of Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks is the perfect example of what a serial entrepreneur is. He didn’t just start up one or two companies, he started up several. His entrepreneurial experiences started right after he graduated from high school in 1975. Since then, he’s been involved in dozens of startups.

And like a true entrepreneur, some were incredibly successful while other turned out to be horrifying disasters. It’s safe to say, Marc’s 34 years of experience has most certainly made him a very knowledgeable man. And just recently, he finally put that knowledge on paper to share his wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Only of Marc’s favorite things to do is to take an idea that most would think cannot be done and turn it into a successful business. That is why some of his ventures turned out so badly. He keeps a few portfolio companies stashed away at Timber Creek Capital, LP; his own private equity firm.

He uses his firm like a headquarters to plan out and launch his ventures a full scale. He comes up with short-term and long-term goals and growth plans for any business model he decides to follow through on. He doesn’t like to waste time with the traditional process of setting up meetings and conferences. He’d rather address and resolve the challenge instead of sitting around, waiting on paperwork and confirmations.

Marc’s book, They Can’t Eat You, is a riveting expression of his life during his most exciting ups and downs. He talks about how painful it was for him to write the book so honestly. He expects that most aspiring entrepreneurs will learn more from failures than they will from his successes.

For example, his story about his successful software company that sells $200 million worth of product every year doesn’t really have any lessons to learn in it. But the story of how he lost a billion-dollar market gap, in just 90 days, is far more educational and inspirational.

Aside from his entrepreneurial genius, Marc is also about giving back to people. He has had a lot of involvement with Habitat for Humanity. And unlike most other successful businessmen, he has personally helped construct a dozen homes. He also believes in helping America’s youth excel in life. He’s a big supporter of American Can! Academy.

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