Lacey and Larkin: Donald Trump is a Moron

Since Donald Trump’s become President, things have gone far beyond downhill. The country is on the brink of crashing to its death. It’s like he can’t do anything right, even when people tell him the exact thing he needs to do. Every day just keeps getting worse. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

As if the blatant support of racist is insulting enough, he actually seems to be screwing people over on purpose. It’s obvious he’s just doing what all his rich and powerful buddies want him to do so he can be one of the “cool kids”, but it’s getting to be too much.

Recently, he ruined the lives of hundreds of Latinos living in Arizona. For years, they were subjected to systematic abuse, persecution, and detention at the hands of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was charged with and convicted of criminal contempt after disobey direct orders from a federal judge after a being sued for racial profiling.

He was supposed to sentenced, but Donald Trump pardoned him just before his turn in front of another judge. Trump’s done a lot of stupid things since taking the helm, but letting this guy go was incredibly stupid, there’s no other word for it.

It may not seem like pardoning Arpaio is bad, especially considering all the other things he’s done. In fact, Joe Arpaio is one of the worst human beings to ever walk the earth. He’s almost as bad as Hitler. Arpaio probably thinks Hitler’s a good guy for trying to purge the world of impurity.

For clarity, Joe Arpaio served as Sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. All those years, he systematically tortured the Latino communities. He and his deputies repeatedly harassed, persecuted, and detained innocent people because of their race and ethnicity. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey: and

Even worse, he played a pivotal role as patriarch of Arizona’s anti-Mexican fear-mongering. It’s strange to think a lawman could be that far from justified. If he wasn’t personal harassing anyone, he was ignoring his duties and letting things in non-white neighborhoods descend into madness.

The prisons he was in charge of were in just as bad of a state. He didn’t really care about the inmates, so the guards didn’t really care about the inmates. The health conditions in those buildings were terrible. If inmate weren’t dying from illness, they were killing themselves and each other. Arpaio should’ve been locked up for the rest of his life.

Read more: Jim Larkin | and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

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