Juniper’s New CEO Makes More Waves

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO of Juniper, and he has a long history in the technology world of taking things to the next level. He has a track record of brilliance that no one can deny, and his track record is easy to see when looking at his history. Shaygan Kheradpir’s history in the business world is one of innovation, expedition and thoughtfulness. He has worked at some of the biggest companies in the world, and he has a new vision for Juniper that will boggle the minds of many industry experts.

#1: He Started At Verizon

Verizon was created out of a merger with his old company in GTE Labs, and Shaygan moved through the ranks of Verizon to manage his own team. The team that Shaygan was running created much of the technology that is used today, and the team created new phones for customers on a consistent basis. His team was put on a short prototype schedule, and the prototype schedule allowed Verizon to release new products quickly. This schedule made Verizon a lot of money, and the new products helped to keep the Verizon profile as high as possible.

#2: He Moved To Barclay’s

The move to Barclay’s was a change in pace for Shaygan, and he wanted to work in the business side of corporate America. He has three degrees from Cornell in engineering, and he wanted to do something different. Shaygan is the only person who rose to the executive management team as a technical worker, and he spent quite a long time serving on the executive team at Verizon.

#3: His Vast Education

Shaygan has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Cornell University in engineering. He came to America with a dream to work with his hands, and he started his career at GTE Labs because he wanted to work with electronics. He is an everyman who became something much greater, and he brings that persona with him to every place he works. His duties at Juniper reflect his humble beginnings, and his plan for Juniper is one that will help raise the company into the spotlight of the industry.

#4: Working With Partners

The commitment to working with partners at Juniper Networks are working with Shaygan to get the best results possible, and he is putting his stamp on the company by asking why the company does what it does. He knows the way that customers think, and he wants customers to buy things they truly need. He wants customers to buy from Juniper for a particular reason, and his direction for the company is unique in its customer focus.

Shaygan is one of the last people in the sector to work as an analyst and technician. The people who work in the industry today are all accountants, but his focus on the customer is changing the way Juniper Networks operates. The customer focus harkens back to his days with Verizon, and new technology is sure to emerge from this brand new partnership.

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