Joseph Bismark; Lifestyle Success

One of the founding directors of Qi Group, Joseph Bismark shared the secrets of his vibrant good health with asPire magazine. This includes a vegetarian diet, healthy exercise routine, and the use of apps to promote and maintain wellness.

“I am a staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness,” Bismark explained. “And I walk my talk! I work out, do yoga asanas (poses), go cycling and swim.” He also uses kettlebells as they are great at building strength. He loves MapMyRide for when he is bicycling, and he keeps a complete training log that keeps track of distances, speeds, and more.

The core of his workout routine is yoga because it incorporates the mind and the body, as well as the spirit. Not only does he practice yoga, he teaches it at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. One of his favorite aspects of yoga is meditation, which he believes is the core of every worthwhile practice.

Bismark also likes to keep his mind limber with Luminosity, a web-based app that was scientifically designed to work all aspects of the brain to keep it limber and focused. He uses the app a minimum of 15 minutes every day.

“I believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can,” said Bismark. “Aside from the fact that activities keep us fit, they also help us conquer self-doubts and fears, to achieve the best version of ourselves.”

Bismark feels that his success with his health and wellness will also influence the work he does with Qi Group. Qi Group has been successful in many endeavors, most notably telecommunications, lifestyle, collectibles, training and conference management, property development and an e-commerce based direct sales business. He has been the Group Managing Director for Qi since 2008 and feels that keeping the mind and body in excellent shape will provide an excellent foundation for success in all aspects of your life. Bismark  lives by the old saying, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” If his success is any indication, everyone needs to start working out more and eating better.
This article was originally released through Reuters.

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