Jeffry Schneider’s Example Illuminates the Benefits from — and Responsibilities of — Good Leadership

For those looking to develop the skills that good leaders around the world practice every day, choosing to study the leadership skills of a man like Jeffry Schneider is a great place to start. Jeffry Schneider is a business founder and a very active philanthropist who knows first-hand the benefits that flow through entire organizations that are imbued with a positive culture and leadership.

Though effective leadership habits are proven by various studies to promote organizational effectiveness in a myriad of ways, these habits are sometimes difficult to practice because they go against the grain of human nature. For instance, responding to highly stressful situations with calm, poise and consideration is not always the easiest thing to do.


Good leadership of all kinds -– whether of a team, a department, or a whole organization –- is crucial to building a strong and positive organizational culture and maintaining effective practices that work to bolster a company in challenging and disruptive times. But what habits and practices does an effective and inspiring leader exhibit? Leadership development consultants and organizational experts have identified some vital themes that most successful leaders effectively demonstrate in their professional and personal life.

The first and possibly most crucial theme is that a good leader adheres to strong ethical and moral values.  Additionally, through good communication skills they instill in their team or staff a sense of fairness and understanding. Expectations are clearly delineated and everyone understands their role, is on the same page and thus, they can feel more relaxed and safe within the trust-based culture that good leaders strive to develop.

In the paramount task of ensuring an organization’s culture is positive and conducive to happy employees –- which research has shown results in better customer service, higher levels of productivity and other benefits stemming from an engaged and passionate staff –- a good leader will always strive to set an example by taking responsibility for successes as well as failures.

Through refined communication skills, a good leader bolsters employees’ sense of safety and their ability to relax. Studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that relaxation is vital to a person’s ability to function at a higher level. This allows them to work at peak efficiency and effectiveness. The desired effects coming from a relaxed work atmosphere include an improved capacity for innovation, social engagement, ambition and creativity.


While it is evident that, for medium to large-size organizations, no leader can effectively do everything on their own, it is all too common for leaders in organizations to feel reluctant to delegate.

This organizational problem persists even in the face of research repeatedly concluding that the more employees are allowed to engage in, the higher their job satisfaction and overall commitment to their team, department and the entire organization. This positive culture is self-reinforcing and leads to better productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Jeffry Schneider also believes firmly in the essence of giving back to the community and the world. Not your run-of-the-mill philanthropist, Jeffry Schneider believes first and foremost in helping those who help. He targets his charity to specific individuals that have demonstrated in their lives a strong practice in extending a helping hand to others in the community and around the world to those who are less fortunate.

A case in point is in Jeffry Schneider’s sponsorship of an Austin, Texas oncology nurse named Elizabeth Stephens. When Elizabeth isn’t working at her day job caring for children diagnosed with cancer, she is spending all of her personal savings traveling to impoverished countries such as the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. There, she helps kids get free of charge treatment for correcting cleft palates. This is the type of person Jeffry Schneider looks to sponsor her trips.

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