Image Recognition Shopping, the Wave of the Future

Image recognition is a way in which a software program app can scan a image or object and be able to recognize it and interpret data related to the image and deliver it to the device used to carry out the scan.

When related to shopping, image recognition has the potential revolutionize the way consumer transactions are carried out. The basic idea of the process is to have a smartphone app that can be pointed at a product you see on the street or at a location. The object could be a pair of shoes, a coat, purse, or any number of products. The app gathers information about the product and immediately provides the person with product and purchase information. The product then can be purchased right there on the spot.

However, the technology is still in its infancy stage. Of the numerous apps that are out there, some work relatively well, while at times, others fail. There can be problems recognizing all types of products, or a lack of inventory available from retail outlets. Its safe to say that improvements and adjustments have to be made before the process reaches its zenith.

Slyce is a visual search and image recognition company. The Toronto based firm has developed image recognition app technology that will identify products based on a smartphone picture. The user can then order the product from their phone.

The company launched its visual recognition apps in 2013. The company went public in April of 2014. Later in the same year Slyce acquired BuyCode, a mobile app development company for its Pounce shopping app technology.

The type of products and services Slyce produces includes the Snap-to-Buy Image recognition program. This program can fit into a retailer’s website, which will allow it to identify products. A site user is taken to a page where they can purchase the indentified products. Visual Relevancy Engine does a comparison of products, and then indentifies others that are similar. They also have a service that searches out products from pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

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