Gregory Aziz And His Journey To Success

Gregory Aziz went to Ridley College. Afterward, he went to the University of Western Ontario. Here, he majored in Economics. Gregory j Aziz is currently the president, CEO, and chairman of National Steel Car. He is also is chairman of National Industries, Inc.


Greg James Aziz joined his family wholesale business of Affiliated Foods in 1971. Over 16 years the company grew to become the world-wide importer of fresh foods. The foods came from Europe, Central, and South America. The company distributed the foods to wholesale markets in the US and Eastern Canada.


1Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in the year 1994. This was after working on investment opportunities in the New York City. He purchased national steel car from Dofasco. Aziz aimed to transform it into a leading car manufacturer. Over the years the company has expanded its capability. This is notable from the increase from 3500 cars per year since its formation to 12000 in 1999. The growth is due to the company’s team building spirit and human investment. Since its formation employment has grown from 600 to 3000.


Currently, National Steel Car is a leading new car innovator. This is due to its continuous pursuit of excellence in engineering and manufacturing. James Aziz’s company builds thousands of freight cars per annum. It also holds the position of North America’s only railroad freight cars. It has had this honor for the last 18 years. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Since 1996 the company has won the TTX SECO. Find Related Information Here.


National Steel Car has sponsored many local charities. They include Theatre Aquarius and the Salvation Army. Every year its past and present employees attend the Christmas party. Here they take part in the company’s food drive.


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the most popular agricultural fair in Canada. Greg and his wife Irene sponsor the fair. National steel car is a known efficient rail car manufacturer throughout North America. This is due to its production in high-quality products with the highest rate than any other. The company has been the top choice for both Canada and United States. It is the most innovative and creative railcar company that ever existed.


National Steel Car is a respected organization. This is because of its operation as a perfect army. James Aziz did several things to make steel car efficient. First, Gregory James Aziz implemented a vision. James began by restructuring professions within his organization.


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