George Soros May Break the Spell of the Donald

George Soros made billions with his insightful focus on moves in the financial markets, and his savvy extends into the world of philanthropy. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, with a goal of building “vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” In a recent interview with German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Soros said on Forbes, “I am a strong supporter of the values and principles of an open society because of my personal history, surviving the Holocaust as a Jew under the Nazi occupation of Hungary.” Soros brings this personal experience into his guardianship for human rights worldwide.

Donald Trump claims he is promoting conservative values to make America strong again, but George Soros views Trump, not as a supporter of America, but as a champion of the ISIS cause. His canny assessment of Donald Trump is that the self-proclaimed upholder of American values and strength is not working to re-build America but is, in fact, strengthening the forces of ISIS led terrorism. The anti-Muslim rhetoric prevalent in Trump’s campaign speeches is filled with inflammatory statements such as a call to prevent all Muslims from immigrating into the United States.
Each word of Trumps that attacks, each speech that vilifies, serves only to build up the unrest and turmoil. The fear his comments foster is the foundation on which ISIS and al-Qaida build. The ultimate goal of ISIS is recruiting all Muslims the terrorist cause, and the spread of fear can help establish ISIS as the only alternative for young Muslims. Soros is not blinded by Trumps flash of wealth and ego and is leading a counterattack with hefty donations to the Democratic Party.

With a reputation for breaking the Bank of England, Soros may become the man to break the spell of the Donald.

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