Feed Your Dog Beneful Because He Deserves It

When I first got my dog, he was the first pet I ever brought home. I knew people who had animals and raised them well, so I always wondered what exactly it takes to raise a dog the right way. He was a puppy when I got him, so I looked for the best dog food that I could find. I found a bunch of options at the pet store. It was overwhelming to walk down the aisles and not know which brand that I could trust, not knowing which company actually makes good food for dogs.

I picked a food out at random, and then, I went home to do my research. What I found was this article from the Daily Herald that talks about premium dog food companies. Apparently, premium dog food companies care more about what goes into their products than the other companies that make the cheap dog foods. This makes sense, and it also makes sense that the premium companies pay more for their ingredients. Beneful is a premium dog food brand by Purina store that uses high quality ingredients in their dog food products. They make a wide variety of dry dog foods, they make wet dog foods called Chopped Blends, and they make dog treats. My dog likes every kind of Beneful that I have introduced him to so far. His favorites are the Beneful Chopped Blends and the Dry Dog Food Original.

I get him the Chopped Blends that is made with beef and tomato. It has rice and tomato in it also. He likes me to put the Beneful Chopped Blends on top of his dry dog food. The dry food I get him is Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It is made with real beef, and it smells great, like dog food should smell. He loves it, and he wakes me up in the morning to feed him.

The premium dog food industry has a lot to offer its customers. It’s worth researching so that you know what is in the food that you’re feeding your dog. Here is the article that I referenced earlier.


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