Eric Pulier And His Life Of Innovation

Eric Pulier The Man

Eric Pulier is a unique individual who has been able to accomplish some amazing things in his life. Pulier has lead life of success because of his resilience, dedication and drive. Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He graduated from Harvard University, and he was able to attain his Bachelors of Arts in English and American literature. Pulier’s innovative spirit led him to graduate magna cum laude. Pulier is an individual who has chosen to create a life that is dedicated to family, philanthropy, and technological innovation.

The Early Years

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, Pulier founded his first company which was called People Doing Things. This was a company that offered technological innovations to the education and healthcare sectors. In 1994, Pulier founded a company called Digital Digital Evolution. This is an agency that was interactive, and because of this company’s digital excellence, Pulier was chosen to participate in the 1997 presidential inauguration to learn more about us: click here.

The Companies and Popularity

Pulier has been able to found or cofound over 14 different companies. Some of those companies include the following: SOA Software, Media Platformm, US Media Interactive LLC, and Starlight World. Pulier has had the privilege of being named one of the Top 30 Visionaries. He is an individual who is called on frequently to be a guest speaker at technological conferences and events around the world.

Giving Spirit

Philanthropy is a large part of Pulier’s life. The company that he founded with Steven Spielberg called Starbright World is a company that was formed to help children with chronic diseases to be able to connect with other children who have the same illnesses. Pulier is an individual who has donated to other charities that work with education and child health care.

Family Life And Present Work

Presently, Pulier resides in Los Angeles; he has decided to focus his attention on his four beautiful children. Pulier stays on top of his technological innovations and philanthropy, and he is still able to maintain a work-life-balance.

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