Dr. Cameron Clokie is on the Forefront of Bone Regeneration

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a published author, oral surgeon, scientist, businessman and entrepreneur. His passion is regenerative medicine and a focus on developing innovative solutions for musculosketal reconstruction. Clokie’s educational background includes earning a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in bone regeneration, both degrees from McGill University.

Dr. Clokie worked in the academic field at the University of Toronto and in clinical practice. He was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Induce Biologics, Inc, a company that focused on musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has prepared and presented many informational papers on bone reconstruction. He holds more than 25 international and US patents, including those related to bone healing. As a businessman, he has been successful working with companies and passing on his knowledge and expertise in his chosen field.

With a tremendous interest in regenerative medicine, Dr. Clokie’s goal is to develop a type of bioimplant procedure that will replace bone grafts. Clokie uses a pioneering technique to reset the skeletal clock. The technique encourages bone tissue to grow the same as they in babies. Dr. Cameron Clokie has been success with patients regrowing jawbones. He has been performing such procedures at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital and it is a significant milestone for researchers seeking to find methods and techniques for regenerating tissue.

The regenerating process is used for patients suffering from facial injuries and those afflicted with medical maladies such as tumors. Both events are cured with this regenerative process and patients are able to get back to leading normal and productive lives. In some of the procedure, Dr. Clokie utilizes a gel that is similar to putty that be modeled into the shape of a missing jaw bone. The material will liquefy at freezing temperatures and become solid when the temperature warms. After the piece of material is placed, blood vessels will begin to grow over the structure made of the gel. The gel material will begin to dissolve and bone will begin to grow. The technique has proved to be an important and essential element of tissue engineering.

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