Dondero’s View on the United States 2016 Stock Market

Jim Dondero is an American citizen who owns many diverse talents. James Dondero pursued his tertiary education at Virginia University, where he managed to graduate with Finance and accounting certificates. James has been working with various firms in the capital market for over twenty years. He is also a skilled investor who has been investing highly in the healthcare department.

Many clients know Jim because of his Collateralized Loan Obligations pioneering. He currently serves as the head and the senior executive officer of Highland Capital Management. Dondero possesses the vast experience to deal with personal credit and loans. Now, he has been heading HCM and also has been serving as the chairperson of NexBank. news made a release regarding the place of United States 2016 stock markets in consideration of the mature 2015 equity markets. 2015 United States got viewed as a success since the beginning of the year. Investors welcomed 2015 business year with a lot of optimism. The happy attitude of the investors suddenly changed in the third quarter of the year, a scenario that led to fear, worries, and investors taking risks was the only option left.

The recovery of the stock market after October did not restore back the confidence that got evidenced with the investors in the first seven months of the year. Reestablishment of the stock market was however evidenced in the last four months of 2015. The attitudes of investors remained intact to be that of worry and pessimism. The fact was evidenced in the price of oils which continued falling consecutively.

The stock market analysts have expressed their views in which they reported that there is nothing much changed. The investors are now shifting their attitudes to optimism nature. The investors are risking achieving more gains, due to the worry attitude. According to the investor opinions, the stocks are in a position to drop tremendously, but the action is boosted by buying new stocks that increase the real goods in the market. Kindly open for detailed information.

Dondero personally recommends buying of safe and secure stocks in the capital market. According to James, safe stocks return higher dividends and returns as compared to weak stocks. He added that investors who buy weak stocks were i9n a position of losing their assets hence face stiff competition in the market.

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