Dollar Origami Based Microscope


An ambitious team (James S Cybulski, James Cemments and Manu Prakash), has engineered an affordable, portable microscope made of folded paper, allowing it to be effectively stored, transported and used in remote locations. Published in peer reviewed journal, Plus One, their paper outlines the science behind the product, as well as its advantages and applications.

Images taken with the innovative tool are comparable to those of traditional light/contrast microscope. The scope allows users to obtain several different image types that include bright and dark field, fluorescence and lens-array. The instrument is capable of magnification of 2,280x.

The scope self aligns the lens as it is being unfolded. Special slides were created for the microscope can be used to mount both dry and wet specimens for viewing.

Foldscope is assembled by the user and when completed, offers a portable, pocket instrument that will allow microscopy to be done virtually anywhere. Educators would love to be able to had these out in science class. The authors envision giving every child around the world the opportunity to see the microscopic world using the Foldscope.

Being at the top of tech, John Textor understands how field researchers would benefit from the portability and low cost. Parasites and bacteria observed using Foldscope would allow for early identification.

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