Dating Apps: The Future of Dating

At this point there should be no doubt for anyone that the future of dating is likely to include the internet, and since the future of the internet is mobile apps, reason assumes that the future of dating is mobile apps. Of course there will always be naysayers, because there always has been with every new technological advancement. But believe it or not, this technological advancement, will likely not be as daunting to a new user as you may think.

Which App is ‘Best’?

That question is impossible to answer because it is completely subjective towards the person asking it. Each app is different in many ways so its important that you find what pairs best with you. There are several ‘paid membership’, which has the perks of vetting out those who aren’t serious about dating, and
most of the time removing ads, the downside is obviously the costs. There are some that work as ‘group dating’ apps, where you can hire a couple wingmen, or some where you can ‘hook-up’ with several pairs so there is less awkwardness of the traditional ‘one-on-one’ dates, the downside is that it is likely not intimate and will find people who are probably less serious about dating.

When looking for the perfect app for you, no matter what check what it is advertising itself as. There are several ‘cheating’, ‘hook-ups’, LGBT only, and special niche apps; which I can let you imagination fill in the rest. Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for then perfect, but chances are you’re looking for a ‘regular’ app.


If you’re looking for a dating app to try out, I have a personal recommendation: Skout. Skout is a relatively new rising dating app that changes the dating app game. Firstly, it’s important to note that it allows for all ages, but of course organizes the kids in their section and the adults into the adult section. Secondly, it works locally, wherever you may be at that time. In case you don’t see what the hype is about, this means that if you are on vacation, or at a business meeting in a foreign state or country, finding a date is simple and quick!

Is Dating Apps Here to Stay?

I think so, and it’d be impossible to convince you until you give it a shot. I’m sure once you try it you’ll immediately realize how easy it is to meet new people.

I shouldn’t need to tell you that no matter what you choose, you should always do your best to be safe. Drink responsibly and take the same precautions that you normally would while dating before the ‘dating revolution’ caused by dating apps. But also important, is to smile and have fun! Don’t think of dating like a chore, and you’ll likely find yourself enjoying the process of finding the perfect match.

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