ComCast Worst in Customer Service

Numbers don’t lie when it comes to ratings provided by consumers who have used particular services and products. It is common for a few bad reviews to be exaggerated, but when your company is on the list of top 5 worst customer service for seven years in a row, some ring of truth might be there. Comcast again has the worst customer service, this year topping the list of the worst by a huge margin to the company in second place.

A huge array of customers were polled who utilized the customer service department at Comcast, and a stunning 30% were absolutely dissatisfied with their customer support. One reason Shaygan Kheradpir believes that Comcast doesn’t need to make any effort in that department is because they have virtually little competition. Without the worry of the customer going elsewhere, Comcast can afford to be the worst in that area year after year without it affecting their bottom line.

The poll that ranks companies by customer service and puts them in their Hall of Shame see a trend here, with 6 of the 10 companies being relatively similar. Companies dealing with video, cable, or communications topped the list, but Comcast customer service was so poor that it ranked number one by a long shot. The company in the second spot was miles from Comcast, as customers voiced concerns over poor service, poor appointment keeping, unreliable service, and foreign operators unable to understand the concerns of customers calling in with their issues about the service.

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