Collecting Art with Adam Sender

When Adam Sender left his job as a hedge fund expert many people may have thought it was unwise to move into a profession like art collecting. I know from my own research that one clearly pays a lot more than the other. In fact, more money is spent than what can be earned through art collecting, yet Adam Sender made this his passion.

There are a lot of people that would have been thrilled to collect art on the side. With hedge fund management Sender certainly would have had more to spend on art, but there is a method to [what seems like] madness that that only Adam Sender could see. In my research about Sender I begin to see a pattern. Here is a man that pays the same great attention to detail with art that he paid to hedge funds. His passion for collecting art is great and it is equally matched with his ability to pick out pieces that greatly increase in value over time. 

I have seen some of the art that he has purchased, and to my untrained eye I could not see much of a need for investing in certain pieces. To someone like Adam Sender he has the ability to clearly see the diamond in the rough. There is a painting that he said that he purchased in the late 1990s called “Cindy Sherman, Untitled # 93.” Sender has revealed that this piece of art – a portrait of Sherman laying down under black sheets – was purchased at $100,000. In my eyes that seems like a lot of money to give up in order to make money, but Sender was good at spotting the best art decades before he became an official art collector. This piece of artwork is now worth between $2 to $3 million dollars. That is the estimate of just one of many pieces of art that Sender owns. 

His ability to collect things that greatly increase in value has given him the ability to amass what seems like a greatest hits collection in the art world. People that may have doubted his career change from hedge fund management to art collecting need only do their research. They could quickly find – just as I have – that Sender could not be happier (or wealthier) in any other position that he could hold. The greatest loss – if this could be consider a loss – is departing with art that is so near and dear. He has a lot of art that is worth millions, but he is the in the business of collecting so the core of his wealth comes through his enjoyment of his art collection.

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