Clay Siegall Facilitates New Breakthroughs in the Field of Genetics and Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall who is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and co-founder of Seattle Genetics is a scientist of many accomplishments. Due to his rigorous, innovative, and groundbreaking researchers into general issues of genetics, but cancer therapies, in particular, his name is associated with many contemporary breakthroughs in genetic science. In a recent interview with ideasmench, an online publication, he revealed that the inspiration to start Seattle Genetics came out of the suffering and subsequent death of his father due to cancer. This experience made him realize that oncology lacked adequate tools with which to combat such diseases.

He worked hard for Bristol-Myers Squibb in their Pharmaceutical Research Institute, having earned a doctorate in genetics from George Washington University, mainly to help bring a better quality of life to patients. The company he worked for, Bristol-Meyers provided him with the expertise and experience he needed to run his firm. Now, he has a mission to make the treatment of cancer diseases far more advanced than it is today. During the interview, he admitted that knowledge is infinite and that one needed to accumulate as much of is as possible by interacting with professionals from diverse disciplines. This kind of interaction is what can make a great entrepreneur of any ordinary person. He is immensely involved in raising capital for the company he runs, and due to his influence, he has accumulated billions of dollars through private and public financing.

According to Clay Siegall, a vital component of business strategy in the field of genetics is a maximum collaboration with other researchers in the development of oncology drugs and industry leaders. He is committed to placing resources in technology that can advance acquisition of new ideas into better ways and approaches to helping patients. Consequently, he has authored several journals for scientific medical publications. He loves collaborating with other key players in the industry, and the vast knowledge he has accumulated is leading to new breakthroughs in the horizons of cancer treatment. One quality he always demonstrates in all his undertakings is astute leadership. He has a strong passion for everything he does, entrepreneurship being his flag-bearer.


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