Cassio Audi Opening Latin America to European Investors

The country of Brazil holds a unique place in the minds of American tourists and even those who have witnessed the glories of Copacabana Beach during the recent Olympics. Sugarloaf Mountain and the sandy beaches combine with the enchanting musical rhythms of the people of Brazil to form strong memories and lure visitors to return to this enchanted place.
While never having been considered an investment capital, that idea is now changing thanks to the efforts of Cassio Audi and his investment firm. He has recently returned from a promotional tour of Europe where he advised investors and answered questions about the financial opportunities in Latin America. This enchanting area called Latin America stretches from the American/Mexican border to the tip of South America. It includes the pyramids of Mexico to the wonders of Patagonia and offers investment opportunities for those savvy investors intelligent enough to realize the potential.
Audi is a product of Brazil having received his MBA at the University of San Paolo upon completion of his Bachelor’s education at a Catholic University.
The countries that comprise Latin American are a study in contrast. The real estate through a combination of high altitude and being close to the equator provides the most pleasant of climates and yet the residents take this comfort in stride. Most have neither heat or air conditioning in their homes and they exist comfortably in this paradise on earth. Here the Catholic faith occupies a major part of the people’s religious concerns. And yet amongst the widespread poverty, there is a high degree of crime and violence. Having someone with the expertise of Cassio Audi is essential for any investments anywhere in Latin America.
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