Avaaz- The World in Action towards a Common Cause

Avaaz is an international organization which is driven by a simple democratic mission: to reduce the gap between the world we have and the world that many people across the globe want. The name Avaaz signifies melody or voice in various dialects. The organization deals with issues ranging from human rights, democracy, poverty, conflicts, climate change and ecological protection. They utilize online platforms to launch their campaigns and quickly prepare individuals from many parts of the world to confront injustice anywhere.

In less than ten years of operation, Avaaz is now considered a global pressure group. It’s a sort of activism that is issues-driven and not issue-driven. It’s homophobia in Costa Rica, or it’s dangers against the Great Barrier Reef, or, or it’s the Syrian civil war, or it’s human rights abuses in Burma.

One part that makes Avaaz entirely different from the other campaigning organizations or conventional foundations is its explosive growth. In any case, it is the result of a networked age, and its development is similar to that of YouTube video than the years of Amnesty. The organization’s initial goal to reach five million people in five years was torn up after a year and a half. Its growth is exponential: they have 100 employees presently compared to just nine in year one. The staff is dotted everywhere across the world although their head office is situated in New York.

Since its launching in 2007, the organization has enjoyed its meteoric rise reaching 8 million members and climbing quickly. Avaaz members have taken more than 30 million actions regarding their cause, organized more than 10,000 events and rallies across the world, and donated over $15 million online. Working in 16 dialects with a staff of 40, Avaaz is 100% funded by members. The organization has more than 650,000 individuals in India and is still growing fast.

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