Are Designer’s ‘Smart’ Clothes Cool or Creepy?

When you were little you probably had a mood ring. They were rings that changed color periodically and those colors supposedly represented your mood. Spoiler alert: they were totally bogus, sorry Terry I know you were a fan. However, a fashion designer named Lauren Bowker has taken the concept of the mood ring and transferred it to clothing.

She is creating a wearable material that changes colors depending on your emotional state. Her creation isn’t a novelty item like its predecessor the mood ring, however. It’s the real deal, using technology to interpret information sent by brainwaves.

At first, what this designer is working on seems pretty cool. But once you start thinking about the implications of this technology it is a little unsettling. Imagine living in a world where everyone was forced to wear some sort of ‘smart’ clothes. Imagine a world where your true thoughts and emotions were exposed at all times.

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  • If you think about it, it is a little ironic. Clothing is meant to cover you up and this designer is creating clothing that exposes the inner most parts of you. That could easily be translated in a way that do have these things in mind to mention to these ones as well.

    1 Ashley Holland said this (December 11, 2016 at 7:33 pm) Reply

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