Amicus Therapeutics Going To The Top of The Scientific Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is known as being an American biopharmaceutical company that is located in Cranbury, New Jersey. 2007 is the year that the company managed to go public with the NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD. The main focus of Amicus Therapeutics has always been on rare and orphan diseases. This happens to be a disorder that is a lot of time known as being called lysosomal storage disorders. Most of the products that the company happens to develop however are based on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, also known as being called CHART. The company has also spent a lot of time focusing on enzyme replacement therapies. Read more about Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics was announced in 2004 as having one of the best-known portfolios of small molecule pharmacological chaperones within the entire pharmaceutical industry. Amicus Therapeutics amazingly was able to expand to having a second site located in San Diego in 2008. At the moment the company is working on producing migalastat as their lead product candidate. This product happens to be able to treat individuals that happen to have Fabry disease. The products have been seen by many workers at the company as being one of their best products yet but hopefully not their last amazing product.


Since 2005 John F. Crowley has proudly been able to be the companies, chief executive officer. Then in 2010, John was able to win against Donald Hayden, Jr to be the company’s chairman of the board. David Lockhart happens to be Amicus’s chief scientific officer as of 2010. Amicus Therapeutics is one company that continues to grow and they plan on continuing to do so. They are hoping that in the years to come that they will begin to see many improvements made within the company. As for now though the company has no plans to stop improving. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

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