VTA Publications Teaches You To Forget The Odds

VTA Publications is a very encouraging company. They strive to help the average person become a success. They do this by providing quality products that help educate people on how to trade stocks. This information lets them know how to prepare for retirement. They offer little-known trading strategies. They also give their users insight on how to trade stocks using charts. Their customers speak for themselves when they share of all the success that they have found with this company’s support.

VTA Publication’s latest article, Beating The Odds, is a very motivational piece. They begin by telling the story of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Basically what was happening is that it appeared that the Soviet hockey team was unbeatable. The USA coach, Herb Brooks, realized that in order to beat them he had to have a team that could play as a team. All he had in the nation’s top athletes were individuals, not team players.

Brooks then scouted out some college athletes that could skate hard and play as a team. The story progresses that the odds of the USA beating the Soviets was 10-1. The news experts all called Brooks crazy for making this decision, but he kept going. On the night that USA had to play the Soviets, Herb Brooks didn’t deny that the odds were 10-1. He told his players to realize that tonight was the one game where they win; not the other nine where they should lose. Obviously, the USA went on to win that night and the championship when they played against Finland.

This was all said to encourage the average person. It doesn’t matter what the odds are because you can’t measure your success by the odds. VTA encourages you to make yourself the exception. They say the difference between you and everyone else is that most people don’t give much of an effort to become successful. They give average effort and expect extraordinary results. This does not have to be you. You can put in full effort and get those spectacular results because of the increase in effort given. The closing lines say it all. VTA encourages you that when someone (even yourself) tries to replay the odds of you becoming successful to you, all you have to do is say, “Not tonight.” They want you to realize that you are the exception and with lots of hard work you can be a success regardless of the odds.  They’ve had a quite a bit of success, and VTA Publications continues to grow as they go along.  The About Us page has even more.

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