Visit Northern California The Traveling Vineyard Way

Traveling Vineyard is known for their fun wine tasting events and knowledgeable, fun-loving guides. As these guides are well-known wine enthusiasts, it comes as no surprise that they enjoy visiting wine-centric towns such as Napa.

In fact, they have compiled a handy visitor’s guide for their fellow traveling wine lovers. In addition to wine, the guides explain that there is much more to do in this beautiful valley! The activities cover everything from historical societies to spas with cooking classes thrown in for good measure. Make your next trip to Napa one to remember with this guidance from some great Traveling Vineyard wine guides!

When they are not visiting gorgeous spots like Northern California, the Traveling Vineyard wine cards are sharing the vino love through their always fun wine tasting events. If you are wondering if joining the Traveling Vineyard is a good choice for you, just ask yourself two questions, do you like wine, and do you like fun? The business model makes room for both in abundance and the entire guide role is based upon sharing your wine tasting knowledge with others. From learning, and teaching, more about what grape varietals make up popular blends, to which wines go best with certain cuisines, the wine guide makes learning fun.

From a Twitter account that is filled to the gills with fun-filled shots of wine tasting events to earning free trips, the Traveling Vineyard wine guides sure seem to have a ton of fun! The business model is tailor-made to those looking to pick up some extra cash doing something that they enjoy, but it has worked so well that many guides are opting to pursue the gig full-time. This is a career path that can be filled with monetary success as well as opportunities to expand one’s network and learn a lot about wine and the wine-making process. Traveling Vineyard makes learning fun and it also provides the chance to travel the globe while enjoying many different and wonderful wines. Napa Valley is just the beginning of where Traveling Vineyard can take you as a traveling wine guide.

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