Upwork: How to Use a To-Do List

The advent of the Internet and the digital age has revolutionized a number of industries. The ability to work from home or anywhere that you want used to be nothing but a dream. It is now quite possible to find work anywhere with an Internet connection. Upwork is a website that operates as a global freelancing platform that allows businesses and freelance professionals to connect and collaborate anywhere in the world. Upwork has over 12 million registered freelance professionals as well as 5 million business clients. Together a total of over $1 billion is exchanged through their platform on an annual basis.

Upwork is also recently published a post on their blog that is aimed at helping its users enhance their productivity. The post details a number of tips that can help you take better advantage of to-do lists. The most important tips that they recommend involve changing the way that you use your to-do list as well as changing the way that you create and organize it.

Perhaps one of the most important things that you can do is get a head start. Instead of waiting until the morning and writing your to-do list after you wake up Upwork says that it is more effective for you to create it the night before. This allows you to start the day by going ahead and tackling some of the tasks on your list. In addition, they recommend doing a brain dump and putting every possible thing that you can think of on the list. This can eliminate potential distractions that could pop up later in the day.

Upwork also recommends that after you finish putting all of your tasks on your list, you create some process to organize the tasks. Some of the methods that they recommend include ranking your tasks by order of priority. If you rank your tasks in this way, you can accomplish the most important ones first. This will leave you time later in the day to delegate the remaining tasks and decide which ones to complete next. You can also organize them by the amount of concentration or energy required to complete them.


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