Today’s Modern Dog Family Needs Beneful!

It all began one winter morning when we met a sweet adult collie shivering outside by our mailbox. As he had no collar, and no one claimed him, we named him Bailey, and welcomed him into our family. A few years later, a widowed neighbor had to move from her house to an assisted living facility that did not allow pets. We promised we would take good care of Nelson on, her Chihuahua, as her former owner said a tearful goodbye. Later, my grandfather, knowing that we are a pet friendly household, bequeathed his twin bulldogs, Fred and Ethel, to us. Needless to say, each dog in our diverse canine family has unique nutritional needs.

Thank goodness Beneful makes a variety of dog food formulas, perfect for a multi-pet household. By feeding our dogs Beneful, we know that we are giving our babies top quality nutrition in flavors and textures they love.

Bailey, in particular, has feeding challenges. Being a senior dog, his teeth are not what they used to be and he can no longer enjoy the crunch of kibble. The problem was solved when we switched to Beneful’s wet meals that contain wonderful proteins, vegetables, and nutritious grains you can see. Bailey’s personal favorite is Beneful’s Chopped Blend meal with lamb, brown rice, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach. He also loves Beneful’s rich and meaty Beef Stew.

Our little one Nelson loves crunchy dog food but can’t handle the large bites enjoyed by Fred and Ethel. Incredibites of Beneful on twitter are perfect for him, as they are smaller sized and have the perfect balance of soft and crunchy morsels. We also add a sprinkling of the Beneful Incredibites to Bailey’s soft meals for an added easy to manage treat.

Fred and Ethel, being bulldogs, tend to pack on excess weight although they are active. In addition to hooking them up to a wagon to cart Bailey around when he gets tired during walks, we started them on Beneful’s Healthy Weight Formula, a delicious blend of chicken, apple, carrot, and green beans. They never seemed deprived on this lower calorie diet, and they lick their bowls clean.

Beneful dog foods can be found right at the local supermarket or retail store, and come in easily resealable packaging so storing leftovers is a breeze. Although aside from the large economy-sized bags of Beneful and wet food multipacks, there aren’t usually any leftovers to store.

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