The Worship Style Of The Mighty Fortress Church

Churches and other places of worship have become some of the most prestigious establishments in the modern society. We no longer can picture our society without temples, mosques, and churches. Every day people work towards ensuring that spirituality is enhanced through the participation in the construction of religious centers. Various denominations have built sacred establishments across the United States.

In Minnesota, there is a broad range of churches that decorate the landscape of the state. The churches play a prominent role in ensuring that people exercise their right to worship freely. The houses of worship in Minnesota vary in structure and age. There are a good number of churches in the state with old designs while others spot a modern and simple architecture.

Some of the most notable churches in Minnesota include; Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis. This church’s design draws a lot of inspiration from the worship centers in Cambridge, England. Its iconic roof is made up of several pointed spires that complement the central steeple. The church’s main spire made it earn the status of second tallest building in Minneapolis.

Another iconic church in Minnesota is the Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier. The worship center is built on a hilltop in one of the smallest towns of Minnesota, New Trier. The church was constructed in the year 1909 and is profiled as one of the most remarkable antique landmarks in Minnesota. The church is an apt example of the French Beaux-Arts architecture.

The Lakewood Memorial Chapel, Minneapolis, is another iconic landmark in Minnesota. The church is built inside the Lakewood Cemetery. The design of Lakewood Memorial Chapel is inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The church was established in the early 90s and is profiled as a historical landmark by the National Register of Historic Places.

The Mighty Fortress Church is one of the many worship centers in the United States that are working to empower people spiritually. The Mighty Fortress prides itself on its ability to create an excellent atmosphere for worship. Many who frequent the church can attest to the fact, the worship experiences in the place are unique. Bishop Thomas Williams is one of the clergymen who has helped the institution achieve its status. His experience in ministry spreads over a period of three decades.

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